Beneficioso Para La Salud

I don’t think that graffiti is inherently bad. That said, I am not a property owner, and if I were, perhaps I’d feel differently. In any case, from my current renter’s perspective, I think graffiti is like the weather…it is neither objectively positive or negative as a concept, it all comes down to its specific manifestations.

In many parts of Western Europe that I got to know while studying abroad in college, one thing I found constantly simulating was the culture of Political and Philosophical graffiti. Although it was frequently offensive or aggressively one-sided, I found much of it to engaging and thought-provoking. The messages promoted or communicated in the pictures to come are not necessarily ones I personally endorse or ascribe to. You are obviously free to agree or disagree with any given assertion or suggestion in these photos, but I personally whole-heartedly agree with the message in final photograph, that (generally speaking), “Thinking is beneficial to one’s health.”

35. Lisbon, Portugal. “Iglesia” means “Church” in Spanish. You can fill in the blanks.


36. Lisbon, Portugal. Another way to view the health benefits of thinking…


37. Lisbon, Portugal. “The media thinks we’re stupid…the media makes us stupid.”


38. Lisbon, Portugal. No littering!


39. Lisbon, Portugal. “Which one are you?”


40. Berlin, Germany. Not a lot of love for Capitalism in European graffiti!


41. The Wall – Berlin, Germany. Che Guevara, the famous t-shirt salesman.


42. Madrid, Spain. “Television = Manipulation.”


43. Madrid, Spain. Just a little light-hearted reminder on your walk to class at La Universidad Complutense de Madrid: “Your life is a piece of shit, and so is mine.”


44. Salamanca, Spain. “Your vote legitimizes a system that exploits you.” Hmmm.


45. Madrid, Spain. On the anniversaries of September 11th in New York, groups of conspiracy theorists flock to the World Trade Center with signs reading “9-11 was an inside job.” This is Spain’s equivalent idiocy.


46. Madrid, Spain. I do love this one. “Thinking is beneficial to one’s health.”


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