Scenes: Kenya & Tanzania

Today will mark the first in a new series of posts I will be making on Both Halves of the Glass. The new series will be titled Scenes, and will be interspersed between the standard photo-essays that I normally publish on this site.

It has occurred to me that I have many photographs I want to share that don’t necessarily fit in with the theme of a particular essay topic I want to write about. I will now begin sharing some of these powerful but misfit images through the Scenes series. These posts will each document a specific region of the world through photography, but will not have a theme…necesarily.

Scene 1: Kenya and Tanzania

292. Nairobi, Kenya. All aboard the Baby Crew…


293. Nairobi, Kenya. National Archives Museum.


294. Nairobi, Kenya.


295. Nairobi, Kenya. AIDS orphanage.


296. Nairobi, Kenya.


297. Arusha, Tanzania. “For your girlfriend! For your mother! For your sister! Wait, where are you going?”


298. Arusha, Tanzania.


299. Amboseli, Kenya. Ouch.


300. Amboseli, Kenya. Maasi Mama.


301. Amboseli, Kenya. Chores.


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