Scenes: Lisbon

Scene 5: Lisbon, Portugal

359. Lisbon, Portugal. Che Guevara’s silhouette accompanied by the line, “Too much conscious kills action.”


360. Lisbon, Portugal. Finite real estate.


361. Lisbon, Portugal.


362. Lisbon, Portugal. Welcome to one of the most unfortunate realities of travel in Western Europe.


363. Lisbon, Portugal. “Portugal I am you, you are us, long live Portugal” IMG_2348

364. Lisbon, Portugal. This is Portugal’s “Monument to the Discoveries.” Amazing how such a geographically small European country ended up having such an enormous impact on large swaths of both Africa and South America. This monument is fascinating because on one hand, it serves as a legitimate reminder of an unarguably important historical era: The Age of Exploration. On the other hand, it essentially glamorizes the subset of Europeans who colonized, proselytized and exploited millions of indigenous people throughout the rest of the world.


365. Lisbon, Portugal. Construction of Belem Tower was completed in 1519. The structure was multifunctional, serving both as a defense point for the Lisbon harbor and also as a site to warehouse a small number of political prisoners in dungeons below.


366. Lisbon, Portugal.


367. Lisbon, Portugal.


368. Lisbon, Portugal. Next to the site where cannon fire once roared from the Belem Tower, Grandps now fishes in peace.


369. Lisbon, Portugal. Praça do Comércio, by night.


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